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These are not applicable to any credits

Uplighting Decor

Item # X0101 $75.00 / 2 strands Note: These will be hung and removed by the TOR team. Set up prior to your arrival.

Patio Heaters w/ 1 Tank

Item # X0103 Price $100.00 Quantity - 2

Restroom Amenity Baskets

$75.00 for both Restrooms' Basket Baskets to Include (some items may vary) - Hair ties/pins - Lotions - Lint Roller - Hair spray - Feminine product - Stain Pens - Mints & Floss - Mouthwash - Qtips - Pain Meds & Pepto - Kleenex - Bandaids - Cute help yourself signs These will be set up in the restrooms by the TOR Team

Coordination - Day Of

Internal TOR Day of Coordination - Includes Final Tour meeting / Rehearsal time / Day of time. This is run by the TOR Team solely! Options to add additional hours Email TOR for information

Thursday Access

Early access Thursday Evening. This allows you to come in and start setting up. Drop off items early, and prep for your wedding weekend! 4:00pm - 7:00pm Thursday before your event $250

Grab your stuff and Go- Cleaning

Post Event Cleaning This upgrade will allow you to simply remove your personal items from the property and TOR Team will clean for you! Gives you a stress free Sunday! $250 for both buildings and entire property. We'll do the chairs/tables/floors/trash/ leftover party items / restrooms.

Sunday Extra Time

Pending availability of Sunday Events - must be confirmed by TOR Changes checkout from 10am to Noon $250

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